Issue in entity detection

I have trained some entities as follows:

  • [show me the details] (show_op)
  • [show me the options] (show_op)
  • [show me the answer] (show_op)

if I passed only “show me” then also my bot is detecting the entity as “show_op” but what I want it only detect when it has the complete entity.

Try giving intent examples as

show me the (details)(show_op)

and put


  • \b(?:details|options|answer)\b

May be this can work.

@SaiSatwik, Thanks for your suggestion. but I want to detect only complete sentence as show me the details. this is just an example. I have some different scenarios as well. for example, High-risk task, High-risk decision both are different entities but it will match the words with High-risk in the sentence, it will detect one of this entity which is not correct.

Hi @abhishekborse,

Create FormAction and check the value entered by user in custom action. After validation dispatch the required template.

Thanks and Regards