Is there any alternative of duckling?

(Vikash Yadav) #1

Rasa v 0.15 change log states that " * SpacyEntityExtractor supports same entity filtering as DucklingHTTPExtractor" but if sentence has ‘time’ entity then values identified by spacy entity extractor are just the text values(ex. 7pm) and not the real time values (2019-05-03T07.00.00) as identified by duckling

(Akshay Zade) #2

Duckling goes one step further and tries to parse the text into actual time. You can achieve the same effect by writing a custom component using some text parsing library like dateparser.

(Vikash Yadav) #3

I want to get duration entities also.

Another reason is that SpacyEntityExtractor parses 9am as CARDINAL entity with value 9 and 7am as TIME with value 7am. So it’s very ambigous.

I am looking for something which can give similar results as duckling.

(Akshay Zade) #4

Why not use duckling itself?

(Vikash Yadav) #5

We can’t use duckling in our internal environment.

(Akshay Zade) #6

It is unlikely that another library will be written that does exact same thing that Duckling does since Duckling already exists. Is there a reason you can’t use Duckling? If you’re using micro-services, you should be able to run Haskell in a service.