Is there an Entity Extractor or Classifier for long sequence of numbers?

So in my Rasa project, I have to extract a long sequence of numbers (i.e. 234567891224) from when a user sends information for the chatbot. Right now, I’ve been able to do the regular entity matching and extract a long sequence of numbers, but it only works on what the chatbot was trained on (i.e. what ever numbers that I choose for my intents in the nlu.yml file) and not just a long sequence of numbers in general based on a certain length. Is there an entity extractor and/or classifier that works to extract long sequences of numbers (based on a certain length) from user intents? :thinking:

Hi @jeff-ridgeway

The RegexEntityExtractor does exactly what you ask.

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wow @j.mosig :exploding_head: I can’t believe I missed that in the docs. Thanks!