Introducing Kairon - Converting Domain Agnostic Chatbots to Domain Specific Chatbots for RASA

We are proud to announce Kairon , our contribution to the open-source AI community. Kairon is a no-code playground that focuses on enabling technologies ( and research ) that train conversational AI agents . TL DR; Kairon takes a domain agnostic chatbot and helps you train it for a specific domain !

So any imaginable conversational AI use case is within reach !

What do we mean by that?

Say you have a marketing website with pages of information relevant to your domain and business. Kairon can automatically parse your site’s content and give you a chatbot that can engage your site’s visitors and answer their questions accurately.

If you have a product, you could get Kairon to trawl through your knowledge base and documentation and use it within your app to answer your users’ queries - they won’t have to contact your support team for issues that have already been resolved in the past!

Oh, and, you’ll be able to do the above without any tech help or experience.

Kairon does quite a bit more than your standard chat-bot toolset. Kairon supports Question Generation (yes!) and Question Augmentation, has a raft of Model analytics, and gives you an Interactive Chatbot Trainer that’ll get your bot trained and deployed in no time.

We’ll also be releasing our Knowledge Graph Generator and the Intent Generator over the next few releases.

Kairon is built on top of the familiar and excellent RASA framework ( (which also means that you can plug in your existing bot and train it using Kairon). We’ve also leveraged the latest in knowledge graphs and natural language pipelines to build libraries that enable the understanding of specific domains.

Getting Started -

You can access the Kairon playground here for free :

Detailed information is available on our website : KAIron - Train Contextual AI Assistants At Scale - Chatbot Trainer

We’ve included some videos on how to get started as well.

If you want to look at the code and build it for yourself, please visit GitHub - digiteinfotech/kairon: Tool suite built on RASA to train and deploy your chatbots using advanced NLP

We’ve benefited from the community multi-fold and Kairon’s one of our attempts at giving back in terms of software that anyone can benefit from and use for free. We encourage you to test out the code and platform. Pull and feature requests are most welcome!

Also, if you are an individual academic interested in collaboration, you can contact us directly at as well.


We are now allowing using users to create chatbots for free and the ability to test these bots online. We need open source contributers to help us with adding features as well .

Here is our github link

Policy and Pipeline Screens in Kairon that we are working on to improve performance