Introducing entity roles and groups

It’s a great feature, thank you ! But when it will be add to Rasa X, because actually Rasa X suppress role in NLU data training ?

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Yep indeed. Just found that the hard way last week.

@Youssef-0 Can you create a new forum post with you problem? Feel free to tag me and I am happy to help. It would also be great if you could run your assistant in debug mode and paste the complete log in that thread. Thanks!

@julien.bronner We are planning to add it to Rasa X hopefully soon. I will keep you updated.

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hey @Tanja i already did that and got it fixed thank you on the forum thank you, i need some help in the testing with real users phase for now, if you can help me i wanna know how can i do that, i have no experience with CI/CD

Does this mean it is currently not possible to train entity roles in Rasa X?
Referencing my post here

Love this feature!

@Tanja Training CRF for group takes huge amount of time even much much more than intent classifier. Even though there is only one phrase with group annotation. Any reasons? Thanks

What entity extractor are you using? Or does it happen with both? Not sure why that is, but something I’ll investigate soon. Thanks for pointing it out.

Using CRFEntityExtractor

Does it also happen if you are using DIETClassifier?

because of the issue i am again going to use rasa-composite-entities · PyPI by @BeWe11

haven’t tried with DIETClassifier using EmbeddingIntentClassifier

We fixed a bug in the CRFEntityExtractor that made training very slow when it was used with entity roles and groups. The bug is fixed in 1.10.12. If you still experience something odd, please let me know. Thanks.

one question on this. How to I add role part in stories of Rasa?

@RaghunandanVenkatesh This is currently not possible. But we got an issue for it Entity Roles and Groups influencing dialogue predictions · Issue #5715 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub.

Hello Tanja, i need to use group entities … but it works only for the version 1.10.0 or even for a new version?

Thank you

@Hajer It works for version 1.10 and all newer versions, so also for Rasa 2.x.

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Thank you, i modified my .md files but the NLU doesn’t seem to recognize the group. I modified my files like that :


  • J’ai acheté 145 [pommes]{“entity”: “type_food”, “group”: “Fruits”}
  • je veux acheter de la [viande hachée]{“entity”: “type_food”, “group”: “Viande”}

I don’t put all examples …

Hi @Tanja How do we specify these entities & roles in our stories. My NLU Model works fine, but I need to use the extracted entity and the roles in my stories. How to achieve that? I am stuck since many days. Also I am getting this error while training and only NLU model is saved.

I have specified these entities and roles properly in domain.yml file.

Please help!