Interactive Learning - Skip Export of NLU Data and Domain Data


With new Interactive Learning in Core 0.12.x, it seems you can now export NLU data and Domain data in addition to story data.

Is there a way to skip NLU and Domain export? I tried Ctrl-Cing, which exits the whole Interactive Learning Session, then leaving it blank and hitting enter, which errors and requests a valid file name again.

(same error when trying to skip Domain export)

How do you opt out of writing to NLU data / Domain?

Thank you, Chris

I don’t think there is a way to do that at the moment. Why would you not want to store the changes?

Late reply here, but my reasoning is because it changes the syntax and organization of the domain.yml file. When the domain.yml is large, it is nice to keep a clean and custom format in my opinion. When interactive learning writes to domain.yml, it removes all comments, line spaces, etc. and puts intents, actions entities, etc. in a different order.

I think it would be nice in the future to have a “skip” option to avoid having to write to a dummy file to avoid the overwrite.

I have started to keep the NLU changes, but originally I wanted to skip for the same reason since I have a folder of different files for different intents, so writing to one file would throw off that organization method of separate markdown files for NLU.

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sorry to dig that topic, did someone find a way to skip the domain overwriting? The format of that .yml file provided by rasa interactive appears really different from the one provided in most of rasa examples.

I have the same issue. There are cases that I use interactive learning just to create scenarios, I don’t want to change the domain or nlu files. Is there any way to skip these two?