Intents/Entities Annotations: any web GUI tool exporting to (and importing from) the RASA NLU YAML format?

Hi (RASA) annotators experts,

  • You want to use RASA NLU as entities (and intents/topic classifier)
  • You want to supply an annotation GUI interface on top of the RASA format NLU yaml file configuration for training.
  • You want to facilitate no-coders people annotating entities (and intents) in given sentences,
    • with a drag&drop super-simple web GUI interface,
    • producing (exporting) and importing annotations in a RASA NLU YAML file.

There is any (opensource or commercial) annotation tool ready to go, that exports / import the RASA YAML entities/intents annotation format?


  • no-coders

    I mean people that are domain experts but not practice in editing files with standard text editors…

  • drag&drop super-simple web GUI interface

    • the user annotate an entire sentence with a lable,
    • the user annotate one or more entities contained in the sentence, in the simplest/fastest way, dragging&dropping with the mouse, from a list of predefined set of lables
  • RASA NLU YAML format

    I mean a .yaml file containing entities annotation with brackets

    - intent: check_balance
      examples: |
        - how much do I have on my [savings](account) account
        - how much money is in my [checking]{"entity": "account"} account
        - What's the balance on my [credit card account]{"entity":"account","value":"credit"}
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Hi all, just to solicit your comments.

All people here annotate entities / intents simply editing YAML files just with a text editor? Even if that appear to be the natural way for me, as a programmer and a vim obsessed (see related posts below), in my day-time job I’m experiencing that conversational designers around me (in my company) are more confident with visual GUI annotation tools…

Any experience with GUI visual annotation tool and above all: what tool do you suggest, able to import / export into the RASA YAML NLU format?



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