Intend is not working properly


intend is not working properly. For example:

intend: Health_issue

user is giving below input means. my bot is not working properly. fever i’ve fever

Thanks, Ramya

Hi @ramyaps, to better help you it would be great if you could provide some more context. Are these all training examples you have for your health_issue intent? If so, that’s too few for the model to generalise enough and classify something like fever i've fever correctly

Thanks for writing. I have used many context (around 500) in my intent.
My issue is: If user is typing along with the typo word means how my bot will respond.

It sounds like typo’s are causing problems with intent classification? You should include common typeo’s in your training data.

Could you post the rasa logs with the --debug option showing messages from an unmatched intent along with the markdown for your intent.