Important Updates

(Ckomega) #41

Hello. I am trying to run the Moodbot example in interactive mode and I keep getting the following error

"ERROR rasa_core.server - Can not access action ‘None’, as that name is not a registered action for this domain. Available actions are: "

For some reason, in, when it calls request_params.get(“action”, None) on line 209, it fails to get the specified action. The action I was trying to use was just the utter_greet action.

(Simon123) #42

Getting the same error. I believe an issue is already filed here

(Juste) #43

Rasa Community Updates November 2018!

Another great month has passed and Rasa Community Updates November are finally here! :star_struck::rocket::robot:

We have a ton of super exciting news that we wanted to share with you so make sure to check it out and if you haven’t subscribed to Rasa newsletter yet, stop making Sara, the Rasa mascot, sad and subscribe! :bird: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jitesh Gaikwad) #44

thanks @Juste :smiley:

(Jitesh Gaikwad) #45

hey @Juste, i was curious to know about the RASA,i mean i wanted to know, does RASA has any abbreviation or any kind of story behind it,why the word RASA,any specific reason?..:sweat_smile: (just asked the question out of curosity)

(Vivek Raj) #46

hey @JiteshGaikwad,I was also curious about the name until I watched this video by Alan Nichol ,CTO…according to him it originated from Tabula Rasa Theory which in short suggests all things are born blank slate and gain knowledge and learn from experience and perception (machine learning)…:slight_smile:

(Jitesh Gaikwad) #47

thanks @code-efficient.:smiley:

(Juste) #48

Rasa Forum members of the month

November has passed and it’s time to mention the Rasa Forum :star: of the month:

Some of you were sharing really cool content, some providing lots of high-quality answers, some of you were making great contributions and some of you were very committed members on the forum. Thanks for helping us grow this forum into something great. You are awesome! :hugs::rocket::partying_face:

(Jitesh Gaikwad) #49

Thanks @Juste and Team RASA :smiley:

(Juste) #50

Rasa + Botsociety integration launch

Hey @community! We are extremely excited to announce the new integration between Rasa and Botsociety which we are sure will help you get started with designing and developing Rasa assistants easier! :rocket::star_struck::robot: Read more about the integration in the blog post below and make sure to join our livestream on Thursday, 13 December, 11am EST/5pm CET, where you will hear all the details about the integration and get the answers to all the questions you might have.

Give the integration a go and let us know what do you think! :slight_smile: