Important Updates

(Juste) #21

Thanks for being active on the Rasa Community Forum!

We are super stoked to see the Rasa Community growing fast. A big part of it is due to all Rasa enthusiasts who are super active on the forum and help us answer all the questions the community has.

We would like to highlight the community members who were the most active or made valuable contributions to keeping the Rasa Forum active during the past month:

Thanks a lot for each of you for all the great work you are doing to help the Rasa community grow and be active! :hugs::heart_eyes::rocket:

Go Rasa! Go Community!

(Juste) #22

Rasa Core turns 1 year old!

Today is a very special day for Rasa Core - it turns 1 year old today! :birthday:

We are extremely happy to see how far Rasa Core has gone over this year and we hope that you will all continue supporting and contributing to this project for years to come!

Happy Birthday, Rasa Core! :birthday::partying_face::tada:

(Neptune) #23

I am glad to join this community when RASA core turns one year old today. Congrats!

(Tom Metcalfe) #24

Happy birthday, Rasa Core!

(Souvik Ghosh) #25

One year since I have heard about a cool project on Github :slight_smile: demystifying chatbots for everyone. Happy Birthday Rasa Core :wink: :tada: :confetti_ball:

(Seenivasan Ramasubbu) #26

Happy birthday Rasa