Implementation of Rasa with Misty Robot

About my-self & my project

Hi everyone , i’m new to Rasa and i only get to know about this awesome NLP framework 3 days ago for implementing chatbot and i had just complete the rasa beginner tutorial . I’m a student currently doing my project for school. My project was to implement Misty as a chat bot assistance for intent recogition(e.g checkWeather) , Misty will reponse temperture and weather condition of the city that was asked. Misty is coded in Javascript using SDK and will communicate through REST API .

TLDR My Question :

With reference of tutorial post : webkitSpeechRecognition and Rasa | The Rasa Blog | Rasa This is my system diagram of what i’m implementing for intent recogition

Other than recongizing intent , is it possible for rasa server to keep track the conversation stories of the sequence of the chat with using only REST API similar to rasa shell when providing input and response by chatbot ?

Thanks for reading.

Hi @BELIEVEIT ! Welcome to the forum. I am not sure if I understand what you mean by the above quoted text. Can you please give an examples, maybe?

Hi daksvar22 , i trying to implement a virtual voice assistance using RASA as my backend for my robot misty , i tested out the code using RASA for beginner code from udemy to make a post request using webhook with json body {“sender”: “sender_05”,“message”:“Go to for a run”} , may i know the key value for “sender” is it use to keep the session for identification sender? As i found out that i had to change it e.g “sender”:“sender_06” to able to store new value with form and slot of else it will be using exist value that was written before . Thanks