I'll make a guide/tutorial on the RulePolicy. What should I include?

Hi all.

My name is Vincent. I’m part of the devrel team and I’ll be making some extra content on this topic. I’ve already made a video on the idea behind the RulePolcy from the ML perspective but I’ll work on making a proper blog post/guide on rules too. I’ll also create a git repo that contains a full example of how rules interact with forms.

I want to make sure that I answer the questions that most folks are facing. So feel free to ask away below and I’ll use it as inspiration for content.


for me the basics of the rules were relatively simple. As I started with forms, it got more difficult. I think your example should include a form with:

  • happy path if all data is correct
  • unhappy path if the user utters (“stop”, “break”, “abort”)
  • unhappy path and stop the form if the user utters chitchat three times
  • handle diggressions if the users asks for more information about a specific slot

I’m nearly done with the first blog post that should help explain “why” rules were introduced. I’ll make another blog-post that explains how to use rules together with forms.

The first guide can be found here. It helps explain why the RulePolicy got created and what role it has.