If I want specify multiple features for utter_features how to do it?

Suppose I have a product and I want to show multiple features when someone request features how to do it ?

Hi @skjainmiah, I don’t understand your question. Can you clarify what you want to do, please? E.g. where do you have that product, what do you mean by features, where should they be shown etc.?

Hi @chkoss thanks for fast response. Suppose if I have a Mobile and some users who visited my website chatbot wants to know what features (eg: screen size, memory storage, Ram, Processor…etc) my mobile has. So I just used buttons with only title not payload for fancy type but when I execute it wasn’t working.


  • text: Below are the mobile phone features


    • title: Screen Size
    • title: Memory Size
    • title: Ram
    • title: Processor

What exactly I want is when some ask about features to chatbot it should show features line by line or anyway. I didn’t use the payload option in the above format so when I’m executing the chatbot when it comes to feature part it was not working. So can give me any idea how to print multiple features if someone ask for the chatbot.

Hi @skjainmiah. I think you have a few options here. One, very simple one simply writing down the response with line breaks in your domain file. Something like the following:

  - text: "Below are the mobile phone features: \n
          Screen Size: {screen_size} \n
          Memory Size: {memory_size} \n
          Ram: {ram} \n
          Processor: {processor}"

Otherwise you could try constructing a custom payload which would be sent to the user depending on what frontend elements you can use to display the information. This highly depends on what chat widget your are using on your website. Here’s some information on sending custom payloads: Domains

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  1. Its working fine can I change colors of buttons?
  2. Hyperlinks can be possible?

Don’t mind, I’m asking too many questions and I’m spending almost 6 hours each day on Rasa Forum and Github. I’m very much eager to learn Rasa.

@skjainmiah you can definitely add hyperlinks. The colours of the buttons depend on what chat widget you are using :slight_smile:

Great to hear you learning Rasa so eagerly!

Thank you. I shared Rasa chat with in LAN with my friends but after chat I couldn’t see their chat conversations in Rasa X how to find those conversations?

@skjainmiah the conversations should be stored in the “Conversations” tab of the Rasa X UI. Does it appear empty?

I checked conversation tab but it shows only my conversations. My friends shared their chatting time as well but I couldn’t find theirs conversation. What should I do now?

Hmmm, that is really strange. Just to check - do you have Rasa X deployed on a server?

Yes, Rasa X is on the local server

Does your local server get exposed to the outside world?

No, it’s with in LAN only. I tried many ways but how to deploy I couldn’t found.