I have rules specified but why is gives me the error that there is no rules defined?

Hi @faiza_conte, what is the top-level key in your rules.yml file? maybe you listed them under stories? If you run rasa train --debug, does it show that it processed your rules.yml file (would look something like training data format of <file> is <> )

@erohmensing ya i solved it the problem was it has no rules defined inside it… i have another question instade…why the rasa chat widget when refreshing the web page that it still got the past conversation,i try to change the params but still it has the past conversation or starts the chatbot with previous last conversation …so cant this thing be solved?? i want the chatbot to be empty when refreshing the page is that possible?

@faiza_conte this is dependent on your frontend – you would have to ask whoever created the widget if it is configurable :slight_smile:

@erohmensing I download it from the rasa docs…so looks like am going to ask you :grin:

Which one, though?

In the docs there is a link for rasa chatroom where it is found under integrating with own channel or website

Got it. I haven’t been involved in developing that, so I’m not 100 percent sure, you could ask in the github repo, however from the README, it looks like the info is kept in your browser’s session storage which should be persistent across refreshes, and that doesn’t look configurable.

Generates a unique session id and keeps it in sessionStorage

@erohmensing So it cant be changed?

No, it can’t be changed on that widget.