I have a problem in a botfront platform action

Hello, have a nice day. I’m using botfront platform but the problem I’m having right now is about actions.

I need to find the yearly amount. There are weekly or monthly amounts. I will pull the value from the slot where these are held and multiply by 48 or 12. Then I will throw it into the yearlyAmount slot and request that slot in text. Nothing else.

for_limitvarsa image

But I keep getting utter_default and I’m having trouble with the solution. Can you help? There are some Turkish words.

for_limitvarsa image

for “limit varsa” branch;


for “limit yoksa” branch;



These are the slot values ​​after the action runs;

“limit varsa” branch;

“limit yoksa” branch;

Thank you guys for your help in advance.

Codes are working i think but I can’t set the slot. Slotset is not working i think. I don’t know why.

hi @metalysm - thanks for your question. Unfortunately botfront is not a product built by us (Rasa) so this forum isn’t the best place to ask about it.