I cannot even interact with the web demo in the Playground

I am very new to RASA and after following “starting” instructions, I never managed to get any kind of conversation on my machine (a Mac) with the “'simple assistant” asking for a newsletter, even after typing “verbatim” the examples for the learning corpus.

Then I realized that it was the same even with the web demo on the Rasa Playground… it is stuck after the third interaction (see the screen shot)

what am I doing wrong ?

thanks Guy

You know that when I have new in RASA I have also facing this kind of issue.

I would troubleshoot this locally with rasa shell where you can see the intent prediction, slot filling and dialogue prediction.

Thanks for the tip, but when I try “rasa shell” on my machine, I get all kinds of strange “warnings” such as: DeprecationWarning: distutils Version classes are deprecated. Use packaging.version instead. The UnexpecTED Intent Policy is currently experimental and might change or be removed in the future

So I thought that by starting with the Playground, it would not be a matter of installation problems on my machine.

I would suggest that in your tutorial, you show at least an example of a “successful” path of a few interactions with the expected answers.

Currently, as shown in my original screen shot, I cannot even get past two interactions on the playground, it gets stuck after I give my e-mail.

I get a similar behaviour when I try “rasa shell” !