How to utter something after conversation is restarted?

@AminaDerouiche It’s ok.

I will suggest that on feedback yes or no (deny) just on deny add the new story:

For example:



  • text: Did that help? buttons:
    • title: Yes payload: what every you want you can add in this i.e story
  • title: No payload: /deny


-story: deny steps:

  • intent: deny
  • action: utter_welcome or ask again question utterance or create any new utterance with buttons etc it’s up to you. :slight_smile:

Well, basically if the bot does not answer the user query, it will have a minimum confidence score and enter in default fallback state ( whatever message you want to show), this will happen when you do not have that question in the Knowledge base.

Or if the bot does not answer the user query, you can trigger the payload as I showed you above.


I will suggest and encourage you not to start the fresh process rather than create some story like I am sorry to hear that I am unable to help you, show some options: please ask another question or paraphrase the questions please or will connect with you live support, etc.

Tips for deployment: I will suggest check the Rasa webchat snippet code GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront, build a Wordpress website(using docker-> and install header and footer plugin in Wordpress, paste the snippet, change the socket url to “https:localhost:5005” and run you bot in live environment. Shell is fine but main idea and process you will learn with the real time deployment on website.

For Slot reset: Restart bot anytime - #11 by nbeuchat

Is that you got my points? Please read and if any doubt message. Happy learning!