How to update the page while user chatting

Hello. I have a rasa chatbot integrated with my webpage. What I want to do is this. At some point the user ask something the bot and the response of the bot have to be an html displayed on user’s screen without refresh or redirect the page. Is it possible to implement something like that? Currently I am using nodejs on backend and ejs on frontend. Should I change to a frontend framework like reach to achive it? My messenger app is built with html,css and js I am not using any library. @nik202 Maybe you can help with this :slight_smile:

@christos well anything can happen in this world but how to implement it depends. Well, your user’s screen should have a minimum view to view your HTML data (you can adjust the size but still) so rather than showing the HTML display provide the HTML hyperlink if you still want to implement it user’s screen please see this repo for your reference. GitHub - JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget. Cheers