How to train using multiple domain files

I am having multiple domain files

1. domain.yml (original file)

2. domain-b1.yml (file i created)

so i putted both these domain files in a folder named domain-grp and used the command rasa train --domain domain-grp but the problem is responses i defined in domain-b1.yml were not picked while training and i was getting error saying that i have not defined utter for intents defined but they were actually defined in domain-b1.yml

can you pls help @Emma

I am not really sure but I don’t think you can have multiple domain files

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@souvikg10 if you can just check i am having issues with this command

maybe then it is just the naming convention, instead of a file named domain.yml, maybe name them domain-1, domain-2 etc


Thanks @souvikg10 as always it worked :slight_smile: