How to take file or text document from user in rasa store it in db

Hello everyone
Please help me to solve my problem. how to take file or documents or resume from rasa and store it into postgres providing anylink or any explantion it helpful for me thanks

Hello @bhavani, welcome to the forum!

What do you mean by that? You want the user to send a document to a Rasa assistant and that assistant should store it to a database? Or something else?

yes user will send some documents i need to store into data base…

One way of doing that is to let the front-end send the filename of the document to Rasa. You can then have Rasa recognize the filename (using entities) and have it respond with a custom action that moves the file into the database. See Actions. This assumes, of course, that your Rasa server has access to the file location. If not, you’ll have to build your own front end and have it upload the file to some accessible drive.