How to skip a slot if not needed dynamically

Hi all,is there any way to skip the slot if not needed some times .please help me

You already have logic in your required_slots method, that can manage which slots you ask for, so just write a condition for when ‘pratice_name’ should appear in the required_slots-list.

hi, thank u it’s working fine. can u plz help me how to assign the value to tracker.get_slot(‘practice_name’) manually in custom actions

You may use the SlotSet-Event in any function that has events as its return values (for example request_next_slot), but its hard to say whats the right way in your scenario.

Actually each doctor may be in multiple hospital or one hospital.If doctor is availble in multiple hospital there i will show the list, but if doctor is in single hospital instead of showing the list i need to set the practice_name manually(here no need to use the slot)

In that case use the validate method of the hostipal slot (validate_hospital or whatever you called it) and add the practice_name to the output dictionary of that function.

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