How to robustly approach slot/entity resolution?

I’m trying to design the frames and slots and intentions for the following example:

  • Client calls to order package is supposed to get email conf
  • Client asks Why didn’t I get it?

How do I make sure it refers to email and not package? Should the ambiguity kick off a clarification question?

Just for clarity. Could you give an example (or two) of conversations that you’d like the digital assistant to be able to produce.

In my mind an example conversation might go like …

Example A

<usr> Hello 
<bot> Hi, how can I help?
<usr> I'm here for my package confirmation. 
<bot> Please select what is wrong with it
[ ] no confirmation
[ ] no package
[ ] i want to return the package

Depending on where you’re going to be hosting your bot, you may be able to present a form to the user as part of a predefined path. Might that work?