How to improve response message on Kubenetes cluster

Dear All,

I deployed RASA X to Kubenetes clusters. But i got an issue with reponse message from RASA to User GUI. it takes 12secs.

How can I improve it? Which pod should I increase resource (CPU/RAM)? production? rasax, rasa-app or rasa-worker?

Please advise this.

Hey @nhha1602 do you have some details on your setup? i.e. how big is your model, and what are the specs of the rasa-production pod? Increasing the resources for the rasa-production pod would be the pod that affects this, but would be good to know what it has allocated now.

Hi, Thank you for your response. I double checked this issue, and found this cause by GUI RASA X.

I did tcpdump message on both client and server eth, and found the response message to client very quickly, but the client displays responsed message very slow. I testedj on IE, Firefox and also Chrome…

RASA X version: rasa-x-0.24.1 RASA: 1.6.1

It seems that the browser take times to generate html of responsed message

Please advise this.

Could you try upgrading to Rasa X 0.25.2 and Rasa Open Source 1.7.2?


Yes, i did but it is same issue. Does this relates to proxy or firewall or antivirus software ?


Hmm maybe. We can also jump on a call with you to investigate though, if you want. Feel free to email us at

Yes, thank you. I will sent. Btw, please let me know any information need to collect then i will send it.