How to Import Rasa Model to Chatbot Widget

When running ‘rasa shell’ in the terminal, I can see my model with all of the content I have provide in the domain, nlu, stories yml files & file. I added the chatbot widget to a Wix-created website, but I can’t see my model in the chatbot. The same issue appears when I go to my index.html file in a browser. How am I supposed to import my model into the chatbot widget? Thanks!

The widget uses REST or Sockets to talk to the Rasa server. You can read about channels here. The model is not imported into the widget.

There’s an architecture graphic here.

@stephens thank you for the reply. I’m using the chatbot widget provided in the Rasa Docs:

I changed the data-websocket-url to my custom website. Do I need to change the url that is in the src section? How do I get my model from my local machine to show on this widget? Use Docker? Thanks.

You can read about the options for deploying your model here.