How to get dynamic user input

I want to make a chatbot for Cab Booking. So we need pick-up address and destination address.

Let the user input be: “I want a cab from Queens to Brooklyn”

How can we extract these pick-up and destination places from user, since these can be any two places in the world.

Entities are what you are looking for, Please see Rasa Entity Extractors.

The most basic way is to make an intent , lets say booking and train with examples like


  • I want a cab from [Bangalore] (from) to [Chennai] (to)
  • cab from [Bangalore] (from) to [Chennai] (to)

. .

. … and some more examples of the same type

Here from and to are two slots which will store the names of the places for you. You can then access them and perform the task you want.

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