How to extract the keywords in the intent before the form is activated instead of using slots

I want to extract a description from the customer’s question before the form is activated, such as the fault description. There is an init method in the formAction, but it doesn’t work. I use FormValidateAction. What should I do?

You can use a custom action to extract the keywords. Then use events to call the form or write a rule/story to call the custom action and then the form.

However, I only want to perform a custom operation before or after activating a form when the intent is detected and a form is activated. I tried to use the following code -story: stop form + continue steps: -intent: problem -action: init_st -action: problem_form -active_loop: problem_form -intent: stop -action: utter_ask_continue Define actioninit_st and implement it in, but it has no effect. You said using the event to call the form, I don’t understand

In the custom actions the return is a list of events. You can write the custom action and return something like this: