How to extract same type of value into different entities in the same command

I have a requirement to extract same type of values into different entities from the same command.

For example: All cities in country USA exclude [Newyork] (exclude_city_name) include [California] (include_city_name) In the above statement both exclude_city_name and include_city_name are of same type. If I define 2 entities (exclude_city_name and include_city_name) with same regex or same examples then extracting based on position is not happening using RegexEntityExtractor. the entity values are getting overridden.

Which entity extractor would be able to extract different entities of same type based on keyword/position

You should take a look at entity roles and groups.

To define entities with roles/groups we need to define either CRFEntityExtractor or DIETClassifier. But CRFEntityExtractor doesn’t support regex which we need. In this case how to use both the extractors or how to make CRFEntityExtractor support regex and lookup entities?