How to exclude Custom Component in rasa test

I have created a custom component by extending EntityExtractor. Everytime I run rasa test nlu, it is generating a report for the custom component. Is there a way to exclude it during rasa test.

I noticed DucklingExtractor is not run during rasa test nlu. similarly can I configure somewhere to avoid rasa test nlu from picking up my custom component.

One way of doing that is manipulating the source code by adding the name of component to the “PRETRAINED_EXTRACTORS” inside “rasa/shared/nlu/”. But not sure if it’s the ideal way of doing that.

Yes, I was thinking of the same approach. it’s not an ideal solution to modify the source code. I was hoping if there was some component config parameter that can enable this behaviour. But looks like there is no other way other than changing the source code.

Hi @dingusagar , can you explain why do you want to exclude your custom extractor from the test?

The custom component has an external depedency for doing a lookup based entity detection. While testing the model on a bigger test file, I wanted to avoid testing this custom component that would make multiple API calls.