How to Deploy rasa to a cloud server

Hello, I need help to deploy a rasa chatbot to a cloud server to allow public acess. Whether heroku or Google cloud platform or any other…

How do I go about it…Any help ?

If you are planning to deploy rasa on aws, this might help:

We also have helm charts available @Rev0kz for deploying to kubernetes which you could run in gcloud as well, you can find more info at Deploy to a Server on that.

I’m also working on some automated AWS stuff here shortly I will share for deploying in a automated fashion to their cloud as well.

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Wow. Nice. Thanks. @botharye .

Sure. I will check it out.

Do you have any other resource on deploying rasa to aws apart from this one ? Because this resource you directed me to it is not very clear.

Right now we unfortunately don’t have any AWS specific documents but there are other platforms you can deploy it on via that link I provided before in the meantime.