How to deal with named entity values which are not the same for all users of a Rasa server

Hi, I am trying to set up a Rasa Server with Rasa NLU that needs to recognize entity values of a certain entity which are not the same for all users of the Rasa Server and I need to avoid that a user A can set values which she is not allowed to for data privacy reasons because that entity value shall only be known to User B. complication is: I cannot use a regex here, I really need to use a list.

Example: Customer lists for all users of my bot. I would put all customer names of all my Rasa users into one single NER for ‘customer_name’. Whenever a user mentions some value of customer_name, my Rasa NLU would recognize that and store in the dialog state.

I know I could do that with a private Rasa Server for each user but that is not really an option for so many users.

I think I would ideally need to make a check if A user is allowed to set a certain entity value (indirectly thru NER/NLU) but the sender_id is not used in the NLU pipeline, any user can set any entity value that is recognized here.

Any help appreciated!