How to call two different intent on same user utterance

Hi, All

I am trying to call two different intent on same utterance but it’s not working. Is there any way I can achieve this?


Suppose it there are two services s1 and s2 and when I am in a flow I am asking user for continuation or stop. If user say yes it should redirect to corressponding services i.e s1 or s2 through which I am going.

I’m not sure I understand the scenario you are describing. But in general, a user utterance should just trigger one intent, we do not support multi class classification. So, only one intent is assigned to a user utterance at a time. Not sure if that helps. Can you maybe rephrase your question?

Thanks @Tanja for your thoughts. What I am trying to do is I will explain scenario in detail.

Suppose I have two services like profile info and leave info service. And I am displaying these services as buttons in my ui front end. And whenever we click on one of the service it goes to that corresponding flow and along with that I am displaying buttons to user that whether he wants to continue with service or go to another service and for that there are two buttons named as “Yes” or “No”.

And for both service I am displaying same combination of buttons i.e yes or no. And suppose If I am in service flow and click on Yes then it should continue to profile service or If I am in leave service and click on Yes it should continue to leave service that’s what I am trying to achieve.

For more reference:

Profile Info(button):
         pf number(button):
         employee id(button):
         Do you whish to continue:
         Yes(button) or No(button)

Leave Info(button):
       leave balance(button):
       leave eligibility(button):
       Do you whish to continue:
       Yes(button) or No(button)

Based on Yes it should go to that flow.

Hi @prashant_kamble, what do your stories look like, and what are your intent payloads on the buttons? I think you might be handling it in a bit different way. The intent payloads for Yes and No should be affirm and deny, and then the stories will handle what the next action is, depending on if the user picked affirm or deny. :slight_smile: This will be influenced by the history of what came before the buttons, so long as the max history is high enough :slight_smile:

Okay thanks @erohmensing. I am looking into that again and will let you know. :slight_smile::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @erohmensing, @Tanja,

What if we have same data for two different intents. Will it able to identify based on our stories because right now it’s not working at my side. So is there any way that can work it out?

@prashant_kamble depends what you mean. Can you post the relevant intent data and stories?