How to alter dialog flow based on dynamic conditions such as current time?

Hi, I have a requirement to build a Rasa bot with following scenario:

when current time is not the open time: if the user says he want find restaurant we will go to one path to suggest the user to take some drink for the auto selling machine. when current is in the open time: we will ask the user to fill some slots and then suggest the restaurant.

I think what we need is the alter the dialog flow based on the dynamic input such as the current time or some external services. Any one can help with any ideas to do this with Rasa? Thanks

Hey there @weiczhu, you should be able to do this based on custom actions and slots. E.g. you could have a slot called “open hours” and then in a custom action fill that slot with true or false based on the current time. this boolean slot would then go into your stories and affect the dialog flow based on the value.