How can you make sure there's a matching response?

Hi! I am quite new to rasa. When I train my model using rasa train command (I used to use rasa 1.1 and have just upgraded to 2.0), the error message shows up.

‘utter_smalltalk_appraisal_thank_you’ is listed as a response action in the domain file, but there is no matching response defined. Please check your domain.

I do have the intent in my nlu and my response in the domain file as well. Can anyone point out if there’s something I missed? Here’s some screenshot that I have

Hi @harper,

You’ll need to add responses to the domain.yml file.

    - text: "Thanks!" 

If you’re using the response selector, you’ll need to format as:

    - text: “Thanks!”

You can find additional details in the documentation on responses and using the response selector.