How can we create seperate slots per each flow?

I would like to create seperate slots per each flow in the same agent.

Suppose I have two dialogue flows

  1. Hotel booking
  2. Cab booking

So I don’t want to mix the both flow slots in one domain.yml file.

Can you please guide, how to segregate slots based on flow ? Thanks in advances

Hi @Narasimha!

Please try to explain your problem in more detail so that I can help you.


@sanjeethanspal Thanks for the reply.

Let’s take below examples for better understanding.

Our bot is able to handle multiple flows based on user input, suppose if the user enters “need to book a cab”, it should go for Cab booking flow else if the user enters “need to book a room”, the bot should go for Hotel booking flow.

we have created few slots for each flow.

Hotel booking flow

typeOfRoom - values: 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK
categoryOfRoom - Values: AC, NonAC

In-Cab Booking flow


So in our domain.yml file, we declared both slots.

       type: unfeaturized
      type: unfeaturized
     type: unfeaturized
 categoryOfRoom :
     type: unfeaturized

When the flow is executing based on stories, in the tracker API we are getting both slots which we mentioned in the domain.yml file

We are using following Tracker API :`http://localhost:5005/conversations/sessionId/tracker/events

We need to get specific flow slots in tracker API, based on the type of flow.

Please let us know, how can we achieve this using RASA.

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