How can I write one custom action for all intents?

I want to send :+1:t2: and :-1:t2: buttons with every single bot response to user, Is there any solution to writing a custom default action for all intents ?

@meli_javan can you elaborate more about your use case for example? is this feedback after each response? Remember to tag me. Thanks

@nik202 Thank you dear Nik! yes exactly I want to send feedback after each response. How can I do this?

@meli_javan Ok

In domain.yml

    - text: Does that answer your query?
        - title: Yes 👍
          payload: /menu_yes
        - title: No 👎
          payload: /menu_deny


at the end of code, if you have two dispacter at the same time and with the class name i.e


class ActionSupplierlocation(Action):

    def name(self) -> Text:
        return "action_supplier_location"


In stories.yml


  • story: welcome path1 steps:
    • intent: get_started
    • action: utter_welcome_message
    • action: action_supplier_location

when the stories will trigger it will goes to action_supplier_location and in that it will also trigger the feedback bydefault.

Tip: Make sure to add dispatcher.utter_message(template="utter_feedback") this at the end of your each class.

@meli_javan If you have any issue, do let me know please.

Thanks :rose: :pray:t2:

@meli_javan no worries.