How can i connect my chatbot on a server to a webiste

i Have installed rasa on a server using docker compose file and connected rasa x to github for making CI/CD pipeline.

Now as i have enough training data i want to connect rasa chatbot which i am using docker-compose file to my own webiste how can i ?

help me @hsm207 pls pls

hey @sahibpreetsingh12,

First, you need to decide on a channel. Our docs have same details on connecting a bot to a website.

To actually use the channel, bring down your docker compose installation, modify the credentials.yml file according to the channel’s requirements and then bring the installation back up.

i did it First did docker-compose down and then in credentials.yml added these lines

socketio: user_message_evt: user_uttered bot_message_evt: bot_uttered session_persistence: true

but it’s still not working @hsm207 pls suggest me i have dealdine today

What happens when you send a message to the channel?

@hsm207 the problem is i can’t see the chat icon on my website.

when i putted rasa onto a server and connected my webpage using it is not worrking. But i have a same chatbot on local environment but when i connect that to webpage it’s working

@jonathanpwheat if you can help me this is the problem i am facing earlier posted this question of my in your multiple domain files thread sorry for that but pls help me

Are you saving that if your bot is on rasa x in your local machine and you connect it to your website that is also hosted on the same local machine, then it works?

no i said i have a chatbot that is running locally using rasa run command and when i connect my webpage to rasa present locally it is working fine.

as you can see here I have no Rasa x locally.

But on server i installed rasa x Docker Compose Installation to setup proper ci cd pipeline and connected my github to rasa x now problem is when i connect the ip of server to my website it is showing

as you can see in console the server error

pls help me @hsm207

It could be a connectivity problem with the server hosting your Rasa X. Could you:

  1. Confirm you can access the Rasa X UI on your server
  2. Share a screenshot of the network tab when you connect the ip of your server to your website.
  3. Share the logs of the nginx, rasa x and rasa production service when you connect the ip of your server to your website.