How can i add form into my chatbot

I want to add form where the bot can ask me first about my name and when i answer correctly he asks me about age next in the correcr sequel . but i couldn’( find how i do it using stories and what if i ask him a question and the use goes out of the context how i can go back to the context


From your description, it seems you need a rule engine rather than a prediction based system. You should use a rule engine instead of Rasa Stack.

If you need NLP in parsing user’s input. For ex. when you ask name, a user may provide his name in various ways “I am Harshit”, “Harshit”, “My name is Harshit” etc. In such case you just need to extract entity here. In this case you can use Rasa NLU to extract entity only.

Intent classification is not required because that may go out of context (Because you already know that user’s input will be answer of name related question thus known intent).

You can do that by story but if your conditional questions’ tree is larger or complex, I believe you should avoid Rasa Core here.

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