'Hey Google' demo with tracking store and/or event broker

Greetings All,

Sorry for what feels like a ‘noob’ question, but I’ve been using the Hey Google demo and am trying to use both a Mongo based Tracking Store, and sending events to a AMQP event broker. I’ve been able to get it to work work running ‘python -m rasa_core.run… --endpoints endpoints.yml’, but then I can’t get the Google Connector to work. I’ve experimented with various changes to run_app.py but haven’t come up with anything that will work.

I’m open to suggestions to either modify run_app.py, or (actually preferred) to get the ‘python rasa_core.run…’ form to work with the google connector. Including just pointing me to the documentation that I apparently have missed…

Thanks, Pax.

Hey @pax. Can you provide a bit more context regariding the issue? When you use Google Connector, do you get specific errors or is it more conceptual issue - not being clear how to use the connector with the tracker store?

Hi Juste,

I’m mostly good with the connector to google inside python … (new question below). The question is more about how to add additional endpoints (eg: event broker and tracker), into run_app.py.

Alternatively, how to add the google connector to the command line execution.

The new question is how to send multiline responses back to Google Connector. For example, sending “your reservation is at 6PM”, “Is there anything else I can help you with”. Naturally for this example it is possible to concatenate the strings, but this is just an example.

Thanks Pax.