Hannover Messe

(Asokolow) #1

Hi there!

Will Rasa be present @ Hannover Messe 1-5 April 2019 ?

My company will be part of a consortium called Wallonium (http://www.wallonium.be/). I developped an embedded voice-activated assistant that will control fluids color and execute other fancy actions.

The application is running on a Nvidia Jetson TX2 in real-time with the following pipeline :

  • Speech acquisition using webrtc on a webapp

  • Embedded speech recognition (no internet)

  • rasa nlu parser

  • rasa core system to handle simple interaction

  • Feedback on a webapp

It is a small but still interesting project for embedded application. Unfortunatly I won’t be present in Hannover but if you have any questions, feel free to ask here!



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(Juste) #2

Hey @asokolow! We don’t have plans to attend Hanover Messe, but I am very excited about your project. Sounds very intersting! Is it possible to see a demo somewhere of how it works? :slight_smile:

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(Asokolow) #3

Hi @Juste, I’m sorry but I don’t have any demo atm :frowning: … I hope there will be a footage in Hanover! If you are interested, I could have a discussion with my colleagues to opensource our speech recognizer for the rasa community :slight_smile: !