If I have two queries 1)Am I subscribed to marketing campaigns? 2)please subscribe me to marketing campaigns do I need to give two different intents for these or is there anyway I can do both in same intent ? @Juste @Emma @Tanja @Ghostvv

Hi @capgos17! I think you will want two different intents, since one is for subscribe and the other is for unsubscribe. If you put them in one intent, you would not be able to determine what the intention of the user is

no no… one is for yes/no other is for “if not, request to subscribe for a new request”

basically one will give only confirmation (yes/no) another is actually subscribing for a new request.

So is there any way that we can do both in a single intent?

@capgos17 Got it. I think you would still want two intents. You could also likely achieve this using Forms and conditional slot logic