Git repo structure to support multiple languages?

Hello, I am experimenting with git for a while, to find out if there is a setup how I can use Rasa-X with a multi-language bot. The bottleneck seems to be the training data and the config file as all other parts are language-agnostic (shared).

I thought about creating language-specific repos for traning data/config and a shared one for actions etc. A third set of repos would contain the integrations of the shared content and the language-specific content - this is what Rasa-X would use. My problem is now, that I have no idea if I can connect the repos in such a way, that all repos are in sync, i.e. Rasa-X changes propagate to the training data and code changes in the actions (or training data repos) propagate to the integrated branch.

Is that possible with a CI/CD setup or other practice?