Getting SQLAlchemy error while running rasa x command

@Sharu I’m seeing you are struggling a lot in the installation of Rasa X, can you share how you are installing the rasa x (command or steps), and any reference link which you had followed?

Do check this link and check warning: Installation Guide

I’d recommend installing Rasa X latest with Rasa 3. X and the one you are trying to install are depreciated (I guess). Further, Rasa X is meant to be installed on the server-side. If you only want to explore the Rasa X, you can see this clean installation process for Rasa 2. x with Rasa X 0.39.3 Ref: Rasa X runs with several Errors & Warnings - #2 by nik202

Note: At backend rasa updating a lot :slight_smile: :face_with_monocle:

Try to follow Pedro’s suggestions, or even start fresh. I wish you find the solution soon.

It’s your free will that what you trying to follow, I’m suggesting you. Good Luck!