Getting continued reply from the Rasa Chatbot for a user query

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to get continued response from the chatbot for a single query asked by the user? Like for example displaying an image and giving some description about it.

For eg in the domain.yml file if the following is specified, utter_cheer_up:

and if we want to add more text to this so that the chatbot continues replying after the image display in a specific amount of time, is it possible?

hi! yes you can use a reminder for this Events if you need to wait a specific amount of time.

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Hi @amn41,

I had a query, can we extract the word ‘remind’ from the user’s conversation dynamically and let the bot provide the reminder for the same within a specific amount of time or should it be mentioned in prior to this?

Like for example reminding the user of their medicine schedules,etc.

Could you help in this?


hi @nike - yes that shuold be possible. It’s probably best to use duckling to extract the time and /or duration that the user specifies, and then return the ReminderScheduled event from a custom action