Getting a continuous GET call on running rasa core server

Hi @NikhilBansal21, can you share the exact run command and Rasa Core version you’re using?

python -m --auth_token rasabot -d models\dialogue -u models\nlu\default\current -o out.log --endpoints endpoints.yml --enable_api

core v - 0.12.2

due to this i am not able to place the request to bot’s action server also. Had to rollback to 0.11

The visualisation is used only for interactive learning - your GET requests might come from an open session. Please close all other Rasa Core servers and browser tabs requesting / or /visualization.html

i have only two tabs open one is for the core server and other for action server…

I figured out why i was getting this request.

the url for visualization i.e


was open in my browser i.e why i was getting a failed GET request again and again with 404 error. I do not know why it was requesting from a core server when it is actually triggered using interactive learning!

During interactive learning, core will spin up a http server as well, the visualization is requesting the data from that server every 500ms to stay up to date. This means if you keep that window open, but close the interactive learning session - the window won’t get its data anymore. Since the run server is running on the same port as the one used for the interactive learning, it will happily accept the request but won’t know anything about the graph the visualization webpage is requesting update for.

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