Get json_message from User

Hi all,

Following the documentation, I’m using json_message to send properties(key-value) json to the user.

But how can i get properties(key-value) of json message received from user?


What do you want to do with it? Can you please give an example?

Hi @Tobias_Wochinger

Example : i want to show message like : name of image and get information like : name_of_type : image from other module. I mean i just want to show image and history to UI and get information from other module to save db by custom actions.

@mrbil208 Any Bot/User scenario/example you can share?

Hi @nik202

Example :

User : image

In this process, i have other module to handle image to get information. Btw, i want to show message history to UI only image. So i need to get information by json form.

Format like :

Sender: senderID

Message: [name_of_image]

Json_message : {

Type : type

Number : number

Time : time }

Bot : return information to user and add to db by custom actions

@mrbil208 I am sorry, still not get you on this. You want to fetch the information from Image?

@nik202 exactly !!! But i have other module to do that. I have to find a way to get my module into rasa process.

In my way, my module get image from UI and send api to rasa service with the format on last comment.

Because i’m using endpoint (mongodb). So the message history have to show image when my module share information to rasa. I mean the information have to hide on the message history.

@mrbil208 You can create custom actions, your other module for image values extraction written in python with NLP pipeline? You can execute your python code in rasa.

Which UI (User Interface you are using) did that have the option to upload the image?

Last point not clear to me.

@nik202 i dont know how to create extractor for image extractor on pineline.

And at my point, i just need to known how to get data from user with json_message.

Present, rasa is supporting for json message from bot to user. I think rasa had has a reverse way.

@mrbil208 I guess what you trying to do is.

You want a user input as some kind of image, at backend you want to send to API to fetch the information from image and then you want to show the data as response to the user in chat window. Right?

@nik202 you got my point.

Do you have any ideal for it ?