Get config language in process function

Hello, i have a preprocessing custom component that in the train function works as follows:

def train(
    training_data: TrainingData,
    config: Optional[RasaNLUModelConfig] = None,
    **kwargs: Any,
) -> None:
    """Train this component"""
    not_repeated_phrases = set()
    size = len(training_data.training_examples)
    subtract_idx = 0

    for idx in range(size):
        example_text = training_data.training_examples[idx - subtract_idx].text
        # removing accent and lowercasing characters
        example_text = unidecode(example_text.lower())

        if config.language == "en":
            example_text = self.english_preprocesing(example_text)

        if config.language == "pt_br":
            example_text = self.portuguese_preprocesing(example_text)

and i would like to do the same in the def process() like:

def process(
    message: Message,
    **kwargs: Any,
) -> None:
    """Process an incoming message."""
    APOSTROPHE_OPTIONS = ["'", "`"]

    # removing accent and lowercasing characters
    message.text = unidecode(message.text.lower())
    # remove apostrophe from the phrase (important be first than s_regex regex)
        message.text = message.text.replace(APOSTROPHE, "")

    if config.language == "en":
        message.text = self.english_preprocesing(message.text)

    if config.language == "pt_br":
        message.text = self.portuguese_preprocesing(message.text)

but i dont have access to config.language in there

i tried doing the following create and init function:

def create(
    cls, component_config: Dict[Text, Any], config: RasaNLUModelConfig
) -> "Preprocessing":
    # component_config = override_defaults(cls.defaults, component_config)
    language = config.language
    return cls(component_config, language)

def __init__(self, component_config: Optional[Dict[Text, Any]] = None, language: str = None) -> None:
    self.language = language


def provide_context(self) -> Dict[Text, Any]:
    return {'language': self.language}

but nothings works, when i try to acess kwargs and self.language in process it is always None

i read in the Component class:

def process(self, message: Message, **kwargs: Any) -> None:
    """Process an incoming message.
    This is the components chance to process an incoming
    message. The component can rely on
    any context attribute to be present, that gets created
    by a call to :meth:`rasa.nlu.components.Component.create`
    of ANY component and
    on any context attributes created by a call to
    of components previous to this one.

but did not understood

for prediction components are loaded, so you need to override load method as well, should be smth along the lines:

  def load(
        meta: Dict[Text, Any],
        model_dir: Optional[Text] = None,
        model_metadata: Optional["Metadata"] = None,
        cached_component: Optional["Component"] = None,
        **kwargs: Any,
    ) -> "Component":

        return cls(meta, model_metadata.language)