Get active config

I’d like to get the active configuration values for the running NLU (or core for that matter). In trying to get the current nlu_threshold I tried calling this call:

fallback = FallbackPolicy().nlu_threshold

But it returns the default value, not the value set in my policies.yml.

Hi @stephens, sorry for the late response. Is this for your custom actions code?


What are your plans for using this information in your actions? I don’t think the SDK has any access to this information at the moment but am interested in the use case.

I’ve written a custom tracker store for ArangoDB. The configuration is in the endpoints.yml.

I also want to access to this same database in my actions. I’d like to read the active configuration values for this reason.

Got any solution? I also want to read the configurations of policies(that is in config.yml), inside my custom action. Is there any simple way to do this?