FullDialogueTrackerFeaturizer not validate form

If i use FullDialogueTrackerFeaturizer form sometime not validating but it predict action of intent other Please help me

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “FullDialogueTrackerFeaturizer form not validating”?

Ah . I’m using keras with Featurizer FullDialogueTrackerFeaturizer .


  • name: KerasPolicy epochs: 1500 featurizer:
    • name: FullDialogueTrackerFeaturizer state_featurizer:
      • name: LabelTokenizerSingleStateFeaturizer
  • name: “FallbackPolicy” nlu_threshold: 0.4 core_threshold: 0.3
  • name: “FormPolicy”

I have story like it


  • form_intent_dat_ban
  • form{“name”: “form_intent_dat_ban”}
  • form{“name”: null}
  • utter_response_text_5d245e3e3777161d163ed606un89lmkp

and some intents like


  • khen_bot
    • utter_response_text_5d12d23337771603c17d288ei3cjccea


  • bot_ngu
    • utter_response_text_5d12d11037771603c17d2886kypgjvgj
    • utter_response_text_5d147444377716051e7c2146bllzmaae

form required param “so_nguoi” have type is number.

when i type . "Tôi muốn đặt bàn " -> form ask me “Vui lòng nhập số” -> but when I typed “bot ngu”(intent bot_ngu) -> form not validate but response following

  • utter_response_text_5d245e3e3777161d163ed606un89lmkp