Forms - validation is getting skipped


I have implemented FormAction in my bot. On training (through interactive learning) the validation is getting skipped. I have some important custom logic written in validation which is getting skipped and bot is directly picking up the submit method.

could you please also put rasa_core logs

no sorry i cannot provide with logs, because this happened while training bot (interactive learning) … while running the bot form is not getting activated

you can run interactive training with --debug flag

Here is the debug trace when i am calling for software form to be activated (on using --debug flag)

Action server

thanks, what is the action before the form? The form validates the input only if previous action is action_listen: rasa_core_sdk/ at 74f9fef9d5ce68ae8873fe66cd27e5c073366255 · RasaHQ/rasa_core_sdk · GitHub

If you need different behavior, you need to override this method

it is surely not action_listen… ill try with providing action_listen and will see if it works this time.


hey! i tried calling action_listen (in interactive learning) but after calling action_listen it asks for next user input. In that case i will not be able to instruct bot for activating the form

well… this is the purpose of action_listen. You need to change the logic in the form

but like this i will have to change in every environment where my bot will get hosted

why? just override the _validate_if_required(..) method in your subclass

oh ok i thought you were talking about doing it in master branch