Five V’s of Big Data

Hello All, I am learning Hadoop for my upcoming interview next week. I want to know the exact work of five V’s of Big Data? I know about the five V’s of Big Data are Value, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, and Volume but what the exact importance of Big Data. Can anyone know?

Hello, this is not the right place to ask this. This is a forum for a specific chatbot framework.

Anyway, I’ll try to explain:

  • Value: The data needs to be valuable. If you’re building an AI to check for transaction frauds, you won’t care about the color of the shoes of the person.
  • Variety: The data can be structured (defined format like an array of 1/0s), or unstructured (text, pictures, etc.)
  • Velocity: The data is flowing really fast. For example, there are a lot of tweets about a certain topic every minute.
  • Veracity: The data should be consistent and of “good quality”.
  • Volume: There is a lot of data. It could be as much as Terabytes in size or more of pure text.